Ancient Peru in 2 weeks

I’m way behind on posting so this will be a quick visual tour.

Lake Titicaca

We ended our time in Bolivia with a relaxing few days in Copacabana.


Isla del Sol


Isla del Sol


Copacabana at night


Sacred Valley

One of the hardest decisions of the trip so far was to skip Machu Picchu. I’ve been battling a nagging knee injury for a few months, and at the time of planning I was struggling mightily just to walk around. Stairs and hills I would normally bound up and down became imposing obstacles. The mystical mountaintop of Machu Picchu has been among my top destinations for a long time, but alas, it remains on the list for a return trip.

On the bright side, we were able to enjoy a less physically demanding tour of the Sacred Valley, which was awe-inspiring in its own right.


Pisac ruins





Looking out from Pisac


Ollantaytambo. Remember that part about my knee hurting..? I do.




The Peruvian coast

The consolation prize of missing out on Machu Picchu is that it opened up time for much needed beach relaxation. Mancara is a hip little surfer town on Peru’s northern stretch of coast. After a couple months of the high altitude Andean altiplano, it was refreshing to return to sea level.


Stick bug. For scale: it’s ginormous.


Just look at this handsome lizard



Chan Chan ruins, Huanchaco

Version 2

Chan Chan ruins, Huanchaco. In fancy-pants black and white


Tomb Raider. Minus tombs and raiding.

Version 2

Chan Chan ruins



Squirrels. These are the only squirrels we saw in Peru, so who knows?


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