Science and health

Cystic Fibrosis

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Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a rare and devastating genetic condition that severely affects people’s ability to breathe, among other complications. Managing the disease is extremely demanding and disrupts families from having a “normal” life. Genentech, producers of the life-saving drug Pulmozyme, supported patients and their caregivers beyond the medication with the unbranded “CF Living” program, which our agency created. By collaborating with a counsellor-advocate, I created a series of booklets designed to empower children and their families to take control of their condition. The glowing feedback we received from the CF centers who served those families was one of the highlights of my career.

You don’t know a complex subject until you can explain it simply. This patient brochure is a fine example of distilling complicated scientific jargon into everyday language that can be understood by a wide audience.

Social Media

Bombay Sapphire

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The brand wanted its Instagram campaign to reflect its premium status as the world’s most recognizable gin. The agency captured images that focused on what makes Bombay Sapphire unique: its distinct blue bottle, its world-class ingredients, its elemental role in cocktails, and its international appeal. I paired each image with brief and provocative captions that evoked the brand essence of “sublime beauty.”

JP Wiser’s

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The Canadian Whisky brand was new the American market, but they knew their demographic: sports-loving young adult males. The playbook included a series of video shorts and memes depicting the “Wiser Calls” that score big points in the bar or man-cave. My captions were light-hearted set-ups to the visuals while mindfully respecting concerns around professional sports licensing and responsible alcohol consumption.


Rock Creek Group

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When his real estate business grew into a full-service property management company, the owner of the Rock Creek Group came to me to revamp his website. I crafted copy that succinctly outlined his key offerings while featuring business-driving calls-to-action.

Jimi_Business Card

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